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Quality Guaranteed

We guarrantee you the best quality organic meals. All of our beautiful delicious meals are inspired on our fantastic diverse team. From Syrian, Moroccan, Ghananian to French cusines, we’ve got it all. Our amazing quality results from years of experience and our deeprooted love and passion for good food. Our story is reflected upon in our delicious meals. You will feel like you have just boarded a flight to Marrakesh, Paris, Mexico-City or Malaysia with our authentic flavors.

We take pride in our delicious meals and therefore guarrantee the best quality. Because all our meals are freshly made, they are best used within 3 days after production. We do not recommend consuming or storing the meals any longer than these 3 days indicated on your meal packaging. Your food needs to be stored and heated as indicated, any inconvenience caused by misuse or by not following the instructions on cool storage properly can not and will not be held against Freshtable in any way whatsoever. We are not liable of the above stated situations. However, we highly value our customers and their food experiences, if you do not like the taste of a meal or simply expected something different, please do not hesitate to contact us at so we can assist you.