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Provide your employees with a nutritious lunch. Easily arranged in 1 click.

How it works

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1. Sign up for Freshtable Business

Click here to easily sign up for Freshtable Business. You receive binnen 2 werkdagen reactie.

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2. Let your employees easily choose the meals from the monthly menu

You will receive a clear menu from which you can easily let all your employees choose.

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3. Pass on your preferences every week

You can easily place your weekly order for the entire team via our simple order system.

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4. Have your meals delivered to the office and receive 1 invoice

Get 1 handy final invoice so you don't have to worry about paperwork anymore.

Benefits for your company and your employees

Happy employees = better results

Invest in your employees and provide them with real meals that will only increase well-being and productivity. Whether the employees work from home or in the office, as a company you can easily ensure that your employees will feel valued by providing them with a delicious lunch.

Clear cost overview

You will receive simple financial statements from us every month, conveniently in your mailbox. No hassle with declarations and loose receipts.

Adaptable to every wish

Meetings? Working overtime or planning a fun team building? We adapt our offer to all wishes. Whether you are four or eighty people.

Working from home has never been so much fun

Motivate your employees who work from home with our easy credit system. Working from home is becoming more and more the norm after the last few years, the world is turning into a hybrid digital environment where not all your employers will be in the office every day. Scheduled an online lunch appointment? We are happy to arrange it for you.

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