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How it works

After a long busy day you run out of time to cook a full meal. What if we told you could easily fix that? Freshtable prepares and delivers your delicious meals to your doorstep so that you have more free time left for the more important things in your life. Ordering is done in 4 easy steps:

1. Choose your meals

No grocery shopping
hoeven te doen

Save 15h per week

Cooked for you

No subscription needed

2. We cook & deliver

You don't have to leave your house

Select a day that suits you

Gratis bezorging vanaf 60 euro

3. Enjoy

More free time for the things that really matter

No more long hours wasted in the kitchen

4. Recycle

Compost or recycle our sustainable containers

Prevent waste


Je ontvangt je verse gekoelde maaltijden op Maandag en Donderdag, deze maaltijden zijn ten minste 3 dagen houdbaar. Zo kun jij lekker verder met je druk schema en hoef je je geen zorgen te maken om het avond eten.

Sla het koken over en laat onze chefs voor jou de meest heerlijke maaltijden bereiden. Geniet nu van onze tijdelijke welkomstactie met GRATIS bezorging voor alle bestellingen boven de 60,-

Skip the cooking, start enjoying!


Freshtable is a 100% halal company, which means that we handle our raw materials with care and have strictly checked and continue to monitor all our suppliers. At Freshtable, we understand better than anyone how difficult it can sometimes be if you want to order halal food. We apply a 0% rule, we do not serve or use alcohol. We are proud that we can guarantee you 100% halal meals, from the halal meat, to the preparation to the sauces. For example, we do not use animal rennet, gelatin, alcohol or other haram derivatives. For us, halal also means transparency. If you have any questions regarding our raw materials or the preparation, you can contact us here. You can eat real halal food at Freshtable!


In essence, almost all our meals are available in a vegetarian option. This means that you can easily order all the delicious food without missing anything. We believe that eating vegan does not have to be difficult or expensive. All our vegetarian dishes are prepared separately with great care. In addition, we pay strict attention to animal derivatives that do not belong in your food. Do you see something delicious on the menu and would you like it geveganized have? We are happy to help you! contact us here.

Save 800 hours per year

Je hoeft geen uren kwijt te zijn aan het koken van maaltijden, doen van boodschappen en volgen van lange en ingewikkelde recepten. Je werkt al hard genoeg. Kun je je voorstellen dat je na een lange dag direct kunt ontspannen en niet hoeft na te denken over het avondeten?

No more frustration with failed recipes and clumsy do-it-yourself packages

Enjoy your free time and have more time left for the important things and people in your life

Enjoy the tastiness of our chef made dishes and taste the world through your plate without having to leaving your home

Let our chefs cook for you,
you've earned it!

Meals are delivered to your home or work every Monday, Thursday and Friday, you choose!
We currently deliver to more than 14 major cities in North Brabant and South Holland.
See our FAQ page for our most up-to-date delivery zones.