A word from the founder of Freshtable…

“Freshtable is more than just food. Our mission, our values and our goals are all part of a larger journey. A journey to a(h) fair world that we would like to share with you”.
-Yasmina Khababi, founder of Freshtable

Our food philosophy

Changing the world together, meal by meal

Our mission is simple: we want to change the current world, meal by meal and we like to do that together. At Freshtable, we believe you can do good while eating right. Every meal contributes to the journey towards an inclusive, equal and sustainable world. Fresh food doesn't have to be expensive. We believe in the power of fresh local products that put the refined flavors of our world dishes even better on the map. We believe in a win-win: eating fresh food with ease without harming the world or anyone else.


An innovative food solution

Our reusable packaging provides a sustainable packaging solution, in addition we work with innovative partners such as Swapbox in our journey to a zero waste company. For us, social inclusion means that everyone is welcome. For example, we offer jobs to people who are at a distance from the labor market and we try to put together a menu that is as inclusive as possible where everyone with every diet can go.

In our ideal world, food, sustainability and social justice go hand in hand. As a company, we believe it is important to give back to society where possible. After all, we all do it together. We give back, among other things, with our Share A Meal campaign where we provide hundreds of people in need with a free meal every year. Will you help us improve the world? Order your meals easily in one click and contribute to our mission.

Meet the team

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Digital Marketing Stagiair

Social Inclusion

The importance of valuing the real talent of beneficiaries and refugees

In the Netherlands, no less than 6% of status holders (former refugees) find a job after two years. We believe that this can and should be done differently. It still happens too often that status holders who have received an education in their home country receive an undervaluation when they arrive in Europe. For example, there are a number of highly educated ITers, doctors, accountants and teachers from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan with diplomas that are unfortunately often not recognized in Europe, and that is a shame. This often means that a large part of this group performs work below their educational level. Work for which they have not studied. We are pleased to see that there are many projects in which status holders are involved in making a step towards the labor market. This often revolves around nutrition, a passion that we share. A great goal to bring tasty dishes from across the border to the Netherlands. Yet we believe that someone who has studied for a certain profession and has no ambition to work in a kitchen, does not come into his or her own here. As well-intended as the projects are, a lot of talent is lost in basic cooking projects.

At Freshtable, we do things differently. You won't find anyone in the kitchen with us unless he/she actually has a cooking ambition. We value someone's real passion and knowledge, without filling it in for someone else. Did you go to school to become an accountant in your home country and do you have a diploma for that? Then we really see you as an accountant. Through our Fresh Academy, we support status holders to apply their skillset in the Dutch market. For example, an IT professional learns the Dutch terms and commonly used systems and an accountant receives training in doing the Dutch tax return. We believe that someone's knowledge and skills should not be lost just because someone has learned them abroad. For us, this means a unique enrichment of perspective, a special opportunity to offer our products and service even better for everyone. Through our Fresh Academy, we offer talented status holders an internship of 6-8 weeks, which can be converted into a permanent job after success.

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