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A Box full of the organic delicious meals you love. Skip cooking, start enjoying!

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This box contains:

  • Beet It! With these delicious red beet home made Mexican tortillas filled with Syrian falafel. You get the best of both worlds, right here on your plate! Our secret recipe will leave you like W-O-W! The delicious tortilla is topped off with some vegetables and a fresh yoghurt sauce (vegan version available upon request).
  • the Notorious Veggie: our staff’s favorite! A buddha bowl filled with goodness! Delicious red beet hummus and our authentic Malaysian spicy rice. Get your daily servings of veggies with this one!
  • the Bae-ritto bowl, just like our O.G version with chicken, but without! Topped off with extra veggies and black beans to make you say mhhhhhmm yeah! Love a good buritto, but want to eat low-carb? Gluten-free? Or just for once not spill all of that delicious sauce on your new white shirt? The bae-ritto bowl is the way to go! Order now and enjoy

Notorious Veggie

Red beet, chickpeas, white rice, red cabbage, corn, carrot, olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper, basil.

Beet it! Veggie Wraps

Red beet, flour (wheat/gluten), salt, pepper, corn, red cabbage, white cream baja mar sauce, lemon, red bell pepper, veggie balls [chickpeas, onion, rass el hanout, parsley, salt, olive oil]

Mexican Bae-ritto bowl

Black beans, red beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, parsley, white rice, white cream sauce, garlic, chickpeas, rass el hanout


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