Waarom Freshtable beter is dan de standaard afhaalmaaltijden

Posted: 24/02/2022
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There are a number of reasons why Freshtable is a better option than the standard takeaway.

1. Save time and money

With our handy meal boxes you have a fresh meal on the table within 3 minutes. You save an average of 800 a year on cooking and get a lot of free time in return. Time you can spend on the important things in your life. Expensive takeaways that aren't worth your money are also passé. Taste and quality are our number one priority. That includes a fair price. Good for the world and your wallet.

2. When you want it

With our handy choice service you can easily indicate your preference for a delivery day of your choice. We deliver to home twice a week in several cities. You can easily store our meals in the fridge for 3 days, so you can easily progress. You no longer have to stress last minute or only be able to order in the evenings, with our handy time locks we deliver your meals when it suits you! Prefer your meal at home in the afternoon? Or in the evening? Everything is possible. An ideal solution if you don't want to look for a takeaway restaurant late at night.

3. Durable

In tegenstelling tot vele afhaalrestaurants, is Freshtable duurzaam ingericht. Doordat we met specifieke tijdssloten werken voor je bestelling kunnen wij ervoor zorgen dat ons kookproces duurzaam verloopt. Jij bestelt wanneer jij het nodig hebt, wij doen de inkopen op basis van jouw bestelling en zorgen ervoor dat we zo min mogelijk verspillen, een win-win! Afhaalrestaurants bereiden vaak kilo’s aan voedsel voor in de vroege ochtend en gooien aan het einde van de dag alles wat niet verkocht is zo in de afvalbak. Met onze handige maaltijden verpakt in duurzame boxen ga jij samen met ons verspilling tegen.

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