Wat is halal eten?

Posted: 24/02/2022
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Mexicaanse halal tacos freshtable

What does halal mean?

Halal literally translated from Arabic means permitted and describes everything that is permissible according to Islam. What exactly is allowed is stated in the Quran  (the Holy Book of Islam). The opposite of halal is 'haram', the forbidden and the forbidden. You will often see the term halal popping up online, in supermarkets and sometimes even on packaged products. But what exactly does halal mean and what exactly does it mean when someone 'eats halal'?

What is Islamic slaughter?

Halal meat, despite what people often think, is more than slaughter without stunning. The food that a Muslim consumes must not only be slaughtered according to the rules, but it must also be good for people and nature. This means that the animal must be well cared for during its life and treated with respect. Halal slaughtered meat should be practiced by a Muslim while making the following statement: In the name of God, God is great. Halal slaughter means that the animal must die as pain-free as possible, by cutting the neck directly with a sharp knife.

What can you eat if you eat halal?

If you eat halal you can eat anything without restrictions as long as it is allowed according to Islamic regulations. In addition to halal slaughter, there are also several rules. For example, halal consumers do not eat unclean animals such as pigs and boars. But the permitted animals such as chickens and cattle must also be slaughtered in a ritual manner. Despite popular belief, this is equally important in halal consumption and is not just about avoiding pig products. In addition, it is important for a halal eater to know that many derivatives (products that come from meat) also contain haram ingredients and are therefore not suitable for consumption. Think for example of pork gelatin, often found in sweets and pastries, or think of rennet, obtained from the stomach and abdominal wall of calves and found in almost all types of cheese.

Why vegetarian food is not always halal

In tegenstelling tot wat vele denken, is vegetarisch eten niet altijd geschikt voor de halal consument. Als je halal consumeert mag je namelijk ook geen alcohol nuttigen. De negatieve effecten van alcohol op je fysieke en mentale gesteldheid zijn algemeen bekend. Alles wat een bedwelmend effect heeft (zoals alcohol en drugs) is geclassificeerd als haram (Koran Al-Baqarah, vers 219). Vegetarische maaltijdaanbieders kunnen vrij sauzen met alcohol toevoegen aan je gerecht. De term vega(n) bepaalt hierom niet of het gerecht halal is. Het is daarom altijd raadzaam om te kijken naar de ingrediënten vooraleer je een maaltijd nuttigt. Wist je dat wij bij al onze maaltijden aangeven welke allergenen zich bevinden in je maaltijden? Naast dat onze maaltijden 100% halal zijn vinden wij het belangrijk om jou een transparant overzicht te geven van onze ingrediënten.

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