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  • Very Italian: the supreme box

    This delicious box includes the finest items from the Italian cuisine! You can add your preferences once you place your order: 2 pizza’s and 1 deliciously handmade pasta? Or are you more in a mood for a pizza party?

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  • Support Our Partners: Movement On The Ground

    Movement On The Ground (MOTG) is a Dutch foundation that was established in 2015 by five INDIVIDUALS touched by the refugee crisis and called to action. Motivated by the fact that there is an unequipped system in place to deal with the refugee crisis that is built on fear and resentment, Movement On The Ground has made it’s mission to…

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  • Share A Meal

    Help someone in need by providing them with a free meal package! Care to help those in need? But not able to consume a delciious Freshtable Meal Package right now? No worries! You can now donate a full meal kit for only 10EUR! Meal pacakges entail a full dinner A juice/smoothie Free home delivery

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  • Free Donation

    Inspired by what we do? Wanting to help out? Freshtable accepts any donations we use towards creating even more good! By ‘buying’ this product you can help us out to help even more refugees attain a job, provide families with warm meals and contribute to a more sustainable planet. You are free to adjust the amount if you donate through…

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  • Sale!

    Tropical Power Booster: Mango Orange

    This delicious vitamin C booster helps to strengthen your immunesystem! You will absolutely LOVE the mango and orange combo! All fresh, all cold pressed, we guarantee the best quality for our customers!


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  • Carentine Care Bag

    This bag includes all the essential things you need in order to boost your health while you stay home!


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