Bestsellers Box: Mix Shrimp/Chicken/Veggie options



All your favorites in our all-star box! What’s more to want? Here are all of our bestsellers who can’t wait to be served on your plate!


  • Will leave you craving for more
  • Fresh & organic
  • All the bestsellers in one box

You can customize each meal to the following options:

  • Vegan/Vegetarian Box: you will receive the Notorious V.E.G.G.I, The Veggielicious Bowl (our veggie* take on the Shrimpalicious bowl) and the Mexican Bae-ritto bowl
  • Chicken/Fish mix: you will receive all of the meals with a great variety of a vegetarian, chicken and sea-food meal! This box contains the Notorious V.E.G.G.I, Mexican Bae-ritto Bowl and the Shrimpalicious bowl*
  • Vegetarian-Fish: You will receive the Notorious V.E.G.G.I, the Veggie Mexican Bae-ritto Bowl and the Shrimpalicious bowl in this amazing box.*

*All vegetables used are seasonal produce and may vary depending on the season.


Extra informatie

Select your box

Vegetarian/ Fish, Vegetarian/ Vegan, Chicken/ Fish

Notorious Veggie

Red beet, chickpeas, white rice, red cabbage, corn, carrot, olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper.


Black Tiger shrimp, red bell pepper, ginger, tumeric, garlic, sugarsnaps/soybeans (depending on season), yellow bell pepper, bean sprouts, sweet chilli

Vegetarian version: additional portion of chickpeas and vegetables

Mexican Bae-ritto bowl

Black beans, red beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, parsley, white rice, white cream sauce (contains egg in the non-veggie option).

Chicken version: chicken

Calorie intake per meal

Notorious Veggie

620 calories


Shrimp: 580

Vegetarian: 492

Mexican Bae-ritto bowl

Chicken:  625 calories

Vegetarian: 501 calories

  • Heat me up in the microwave for 5-10 minutes. Don’t forget to take the lid off!
  • You can also heat me up in the oven on 160-180 degrees Celsius. Heat up your oven and put me in for 10-14 minutes depending on your oven strength. All good to serve and ready to go!