Party Catering Box



This catering box full of bitesized delicous items will bring all the festivities to your home this holiday season!

  •  A small savory box contains 16 items (4x mini pizza, 4x mini burgers, 4x Moroccan filled bread, 4x creamy cheese sandwiches)
  • A large savory box contains  30 items (varying from burgers, mini pizza,  tuna sandwich, fresh mini pain with cream cheese filling, mini hotdogs, bagels) If you have any specific sandwich or burger you would like to have in the box please add your wishes in the comments or contact us by e-mail.
  • Do you want larger boxes or full catering? Contact us via e-mail or call us on +31683664811


This year parties and family get-togethers need some out-of-the-catering-box  thinking! So, we bring the festivities to your table!

With our special Holiday Party Boxes we offer you bite-sized delicious savory meals! As per usual, all is homemade! From the burger buns to the sandwiches… Freshtable offers you the freshest and most delicious party starters! Serve your guests with these delicious mini bites and make the most out of your time together This is the ideal box for your family for Birthdays, parties and family dinners. The box is also the perfect gift to present to a loved one or a friend you currently can’t see due to the current safety regulations. Enjoy your special moments on a distance, yet together!

Please note:

There is a LIMITED AMOUNT available every month. First come, first serve!  Shoot us an email at: for any dietary requirements.

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All boxes are available for pick-up!

For customers from Breda, Tilburg and Oosterhout we offer home delivery for our flat rate of €3,5-.