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Movement On The Ground-Ramadan Donation


This year our Share A Meal campaign is going international. We have partnered up with our partners at Movement On The Ground, a NGO responding to humanitarian crisis affecting the innocent men, women and children forced from their homes.

The organization is active on the ground on the soil of the Greek islands where they provide humanitarian aid to camp residents (refugees). This Ramadan we join forces through the #ShareAMeal and #FoodUnites campaign. For €15,- you are able to provide a family or five individuals with dates, baklava, lentils or dry food. Two food distributions per individual cost €3,-, where MOTG aims to provide food access to more than 7000 individual camp residents.

Freshtable will transparently share an update on all gathered donations at the end of the Ramadan and a proof of collective payment is available upon request.


This year we are partnering up with our partners at Movement On The Ground active in Greece by providing humanitarian aid to displaced people. Help the camp residents in need by providing them with two items of dry foods, dates or baklava etc. during Ramadan. Join forces with us and help provide meal packages overseas.