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Sustainability - Freshtable


At Freshtable we stand for more than food. We believe our true sustainable hero is you! With every single order your place, you contribute to a more sustainable world, a greener planet for all future generations. Learn how you help save the planet meal per meal

We believe sustainability is not a trend

When we launched Freshtable in 2020, the company launched as a counter reaction to many global challenges the world is facing. Sustainability is often tackled as an isolated topic, yet it interrelates with social inclusivity and food more than one may think. It is our core mission to change this view and tackle cilmate change by incorporating food and social inclusivity within our response.

We are a firm believer that sustainability is not a trend nor an option, sustainability has been the core of our business from the moment we opened our doors. As companies world wide highly contribute to the inreasing amount of pollution, we feel it is our duty to change this role and contribute to a more sustainable planet.

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In our sustainability journey towards a better planet YOU are our hero!

Learn how you can help save the planet below.

HERO TASK 1: Plant the future!
How to compost your freshbox

Finished your meal? Great! But the cycle doesn’t end there. Follow the steps below to compose your box after consuming your meal and give your box a new life. Plant the future!

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What we do

From our compostable packaging to our minimal waste food preparation, sustainability is seen throughout our whole production process. But it doesnt start there, we believe sustainability starts long before we enter the kitchen. Our corporate choices impact future generations. Thats why we continously aim to improve our sustainability strategies and transparently communicate to our customers and partners where we stand.

Waste reduction/minimalization
Educate consumers on responsible consumption
Responsible green delivery
  • Waste reduction: we currently only work with compostable and recyclable pacakging. During our food production process we compost all food waste in our Fresh Garden. By 2023, our aim is to move towards a 70 percent availability zero-waste options for all customers.
  • Educate consumers on responsible consumption: our sustainability specialist currently provides our audience with monthly informative blogpost based on research on various sustainability topics. Through our social media we currently share tips, information and news/events with regards to sustainability. Our aim is to increase our platform by the end of 2022, through expanding our current audience and amount of informative posts by at least 30 percent.
  • Responsible green delivery: Currently (2020), 68 percent of our meals are delivered in a green manner e-bikes, green bikes). 32 percent of the remaining orders are delivered by car due to long distance deliveries. Our goal is to reduce this number to 16 percent by 2024.

A word from our sustainability specialist

Reducing our levels of consumption will not be a sacrifice, but a bonus if we simply redefine the meaning of the word ‘success’- D. Wann

“I am passionate about realising equal opportunities for all and helping others become aware of the potential of being sustainable. In my role as a sustainability specialist I currently develop sustainable strategies in order to grow a green, inclusive community.”

Agata Zur

Sustainability Specialist

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